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The Rams scored 84 points, just one behind meet champion North Caroline. McDonough earned a berth in the 2A State Meet later this month. The girls’ team finished fifth in the region meet. Thomas Stone lost in the state finals for the second time in three years. Since joining the SMAC in , the Eagles are overall, in the conference and have made two playoff appearances. The Warriors finished second to Reservoir in both the state duals , LP lost tiebreaker 3 pins to 2 and in the state tournament La Plata’s wrestling dominance includes the following winning streaks:

The unbeweavable truth: why African Americans spend so much on weave

NC State tops No. And for the second time this season, it was good enough for the Wolfpack to take down the nation’s No. Omer Yurtseven had 16 points while Torin Dorn hit two huge 3-pointers in the final 2 minutes to help N. State upset the Blue Devils on Saturday night, giving the Wolfpack’s first-year coach his first league win. It came roughly six weeks after his team beat then-No. State erased an point first-half lead to take a lead at the break, then shot 55 percent after halftime and never trailed.

To meet this growing demand, the VCU Office of Continuing and Professional Education (OCPE) has partnered with the VCU School of Business, VCU Brandcenter, VCU College of Engineering, VCU Department of Biology, and other on-campus and industry partners to introduce the VCU Craft Beer Certificate Program, a noncredit certificate of completion in.

Sample Page Chapter 3: This is a very comprehensive chapter, detailing the earliest possible origins of online dating and even before, including a few pages on personal ads in newspapers. However, many of the sources cited in this chapter offer relatively little in terms of additional information on the topics presented.

Nearly all of the various articles, surveys, and studies cited in this chapter are also discussed thoroughly in the book as well. The majority of the citations are merely to credit quotations made in the text, or to back up sources for historical information. Others, such as citations 6, simply condense masses of date to more manageable sizes.

Many of the others are similarly lacking in depth, such as a string of citations late in the chapter that point to rather short personal interviews and editorials that offer very little in the way of further information on the topics discussed. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

2018 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message Kentucky entered the tournament unbeaten. After 22 years without an unbeaten team in the tournament, following UNLV in , this is the second consecutive tournament with an unbeaten team after Wichita State in the previous.

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So we are going to chat about alcohol, deviance, cheating and more alcohol? In a nutshell, yes. With a little partying thrown in. But I have an informal title for it, too. What is the informal title? So my first question is why do researchers write such boring titles for their work? Not all scientists write boring titles. For example, social psychologists are very creative in their article titles. I like your title better. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your article, except of course for the middle part, which no one except you guys read.

The methods and results?

How different can one man look? Hilarious portraits of photographer that are a lesson in bad taste

According to Vinepair, Richmond is “the world’s top beer destination” in The program provides an exciting opportunity for knowledge expansion of the craft beer industry. Read more about what’s brewing. Two tracks will be available to meet all needs of the craft beer industry including the Business of Craft Beer , and the Craft Brewer Certificate track that will focus on preparation for industry credentialing.

The 81 st meeting against cross-town rival VCU will be at the Robins Center on Jan. 12 sponsored by Sonabank/P.O.W.E.R. The two teams have combined to split games sitting with a record dating .

Doug had early on established a methodology for his library, in which each item received a unique ID number, and was cataloged in a master index. The first task was to make a pass over the index and spot check the videos to sort out some discrepancies. This turned out to be huge. This turned out to be way huge. Many people think of archiving in terms of saving, preserving and cataloging pieces into a collection and, where there is sufficient interest, arranging for part or all of it to be broadly available.

Without the context, the archives will likely be meaningless to most people, an esoteric treasure trove to a few. Telling the story is about establishing very rich, relational context and meaning. Context is Everything So for example, I hold in my hand a video of a talk my father gave in The Conference on the History of the Personal Workstation. In his talk he told the story through pictures, unfolding how and why he invented what he did.

A Conversation about Research, Deviance and Alcohol

As faux hair became popular, new styles and types arose, with weaves being the most popular to this day. According to several local students and stylists, the main reasons African-American women spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on weave include the facts that weaves: Many African-American women who do wear weaves say the positives of having more manageable hair outweighs the negatives of weaves being expensive. Women who wear weaves can either have them applied to their entire head or some of their head.

Sandra Twumasi, a biology junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, just started wearing weaves on her entire head this year.

eServices provides self-service access to University students, faculty and staff. It also includes direct access to related systems such as DegreeWorks, Make-A-Payment, the Barnes & Noble on-line store, and the Education Advisory Board platform.

Close Relationships Attitude Alignment Bridging the domains of close relationships and attitudes theory, my first area of research centers on what I have termed attitude alignment i. Although most day-to-day influence attempts are likely to occur within the context of close relationships, very little social psychological research addresses the topic. I have used the principles of balance theory and interdependence theory to guide this research, with central questions of whether and, if so, why?

I have examined attitude alignment among strangers, coworkers, friends, and romantic partners. The research paradigm involves individuals confronting the presence of attitudinal misalignment with another person. Some of the most interesting relationship findings were that a married partners exhibited greater attitude alignment i. These findings are novel to the field of attitudes research and emphasize the relevance of relationship constructs to the study of attitude change.

Betrayals and Forgiveness Third-party forgiveness. In addition we currently are analyzing data on how the third-party forgiveness effect influences dynamics in the victim-perpetrator and victim-third-party dyads. Affective forecasting of forgiveness and betrayals.

Collective IQ Review

February Project End Date: Students develop a deeper understanding of healthcare in a resource poor and fragmented system, increase awareness of the importance of communication skills, the challenges of language barriers and the rewards of working across disciplines with midwives and other local health providers and community leaders. Feedback suggests students have a deeper appreciation for public health issues and cultural sensitivity and competency, the challenges of true community engagement and partnership building and the shaping of personal and professional goals through an experience viewed as transformative.

The group is developing a second phase of service to continue to foster the relationship with Midwives for Haiti and the families of Hinche, Haiti. An epidemiology doctoral student and a health psychology doctoral candidate facilitated the training in English. The training and related materials were translated into Haitian Creole, the native language of participants.

VCU’s Code of Conduct expresses our values, ethical principles and our commitment to doing the right thing. The Code highlights some of the laws, regulations, universitywide policies and ethical standards everyone is expected to follow.

That includes the devices and software that support electronic literature, and other related issues. And so, good reading! Previously, making copies of media was illegal. Today, those laws officially go into effect. AMZN brings Kindle devices to the country. The e-books market in the country may almost double this year to as much as 1 billion rubles… Digital content sales platform Gumroad is launching an iOS app today to help authors and other content creators sell their work directly to consumers.

The new iPhone app allows users to create custom mobile libraries of digital content purchased through Gumroad.

2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament

It is not your fault. If you are experiencing or have experienced stalking, it’s not your fault. Defining Stalking Stalking in the context of intimate relationships is a course of conduct i. Acts that together constitute stalking may be direct actions or may be communicated by a third party, and can include, but are not limited to: Stalking , as defined by Virginia law, is a pattern of repeated and unwanted attention, harassment, contact, or any other course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear death, sexual assault, or bodily injury.

National Institute of Justice publishes profile of Clark-Hill teen dating violence research. August 28, The National Institute of Justice has published a profile of a teen dating violence grant Elizabeth Goncy, Ph.D., former postdoc at the Clark-Hill Institute for Positive Youth .

He has thoroughly examined the objects themselves. He has looked at the contexts in which they were found. While we pour over references and comparative collections, sometimes an objects function eludes us. In my hand, the small iron object looked more a toy than anything else. Revolutionary War soldiers carried these as secondary weapons. My initial belief was that this was some sort of specialized tool. A lathing hatchet comes to mind. Colonial Williamsburg has a drawing of one in its website explaining 18th century hammers.

The image is suggestive see below, left , but the quality is not as good as one would hope. Other images of lathing hammers that I found typically have a notch for pulling nails on the blade side e. This is a cross disciplinary gathering of professionals interested in historic objects. This particular workshop focus ed on 17th and 18th century weapons and armor.

Two tomahawks were among the objects he shared. I looked them over carefully.

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